DataModification overload for AddSelectedRowsAction makes no sense

I don’t understand how the DataModification overload of AddSelectedRowsAction works. I passed it a PostBack, which I knew wouldn’t work because it can’t possibly know what the text of the action is that the user is actually clicking on. When I view the page, there’s nothing in the spot where my selected rows action link should be. How are people supposed to use this?

Meta: I wasn’t allowed to name this topic “How can DataModification overload of DynamicTable.AddSelectedRowsAction ever work?” because “Title is invalid; try to be a little more descriptive”.

The reason I went looking is because I want to execute a database mod after the SelectedRowsAction(s) execute, which I am still unable to do even after looking for unsupported methods.

I believe that overload exists so you can trigger a selected-table-rows operation from a button that is external to the table. I think @greg_smalter uses this more than me.

Yeah it’s actually right in the comment in your screen shot: Use this method if you have an existing button.

Oops: I immediately discarded the comment because I thought it was exactly the same for both overloads.