An alternative to jquery UI

From Telerik!

Does this mean that the Telerik date picker is now free for everyone to use?

I think so, but I don’t know if the Kendo date picker is the same as the old Telerik ASP.NET one that we remember. If anybody has a chance to look at the Kendo one, let us know here if it’s good.

Definitely includes date picker. Here’s the demo: . What’s your assessment @Greg ?

It is not as good as RadDatePicker. If you type “4/1” and tab out, it doesn’t fill in 4/1/2014 for you. So, it’s basically the same as the jquery one.

Perhaps at least one plus for Telerik is the existence of an icon. I had to manually make ours. But the plus to ours is that it’s all FontAwesome, which is all a matching set of the other existing icons in EWL and will continue to be as long as we use FontAwesome icons.

I already lost faith in Kendo UI.On their own demo page for the dropdown control, you’re able to scroll the dropdown away from the control when you scroll the page.

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They probably made Kendo free because they realized that the alternatives were already free and possibly better.

Sure is confusing that their pricing page makes no mention of the freeness.

Here’s where the free one is:

I am planning to replace the EWF time picker very soon due to repeated complaints about the current one being hard to use. This led me to thinking about our general approach for UI widgets. I’ve done some research and I think a good strategy would be to start using the HTML5 input types (date, time, etc.) and then use a Modernizr polyfill such as

The big advantage of this is that browsers that natively support the input types (e.g. Safari on iPhone, Chrome) will have awesome behavior that mimics what the user gets in native apps.

The particular polyfill I mentioned above looks like a very healthy open-source project:

You’re saying to use the native browser support for date/time input? If that was any good why would these libraries exist? The one for date in Firefox doesn’t even do anything:

I’m saying use the native browser support if it exists, and otherwise use a polyfill like the one above.

I’ve looked twice, the above page is huge. Where it the date/time picker in the page?

So what complaints have you received about the current pickers?

I’m also interested in knowing the complaints. Both of the date pickers you linked to do not solve my one and only complaint, which is if you type “10/15” and tab away, it doesn’t automatically fill with October 15th of the current year.

In EnduraCode Rooms, I’m using a time picker with a 30-minute step. People think the “minutes” slider is extremely confusing because it only has two positions: all the way to the left for zero minutes, and all the way to the right for 30 minutes.

But then you think about it and it makes sense. I haven’t seen how HTML5 inputs handle step.

I’ve resolved my usability dilemma by changing our time picker to display as a drop-down if there aren’t too many options:

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