Cannot find EWL in nuget anywhere

If I search for EWL, I get no results. If I search for Enterprise Web Library, which I swear used to work, I get a bunch of irrelevant results.

This works for me:

I get two results. EWL and @samrueby’s new add-on package for Selenium.

Hm. I was using the NuGet package manager in Visual Studio. I just tried this in the solution I happened to have open and the results match yours. I went back to the solution I had a problem in and I still get no results. So, maybe it’s filtering some out based on the framework version or something. However, I’m doing this at the solution level, not on a project, and Solutions don’t have framework versions so I don’t know. What else would filter results out?

Package sources? Make sure you have the public gallery enabled as a source.

I think it’s because of the framework version of the projects. The solution level must just show you the union of what’s available in your current projects.

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