Can't have a confirmation dialog with selected rows actions

We need to be able to have a confirmation dialog while using selected row actions. I don’t feel comfortable implementing a feature that can do damage without there being either some ability to re-think the decision, or go back and see what happened. EwfTable doesn’t support selected row actions, so we’re talking about DynamicTable here.

To re-think the decision, I would like to use a confirmation dialog. Which selected row actions does not support. I am able to pull it off with an extreme penalty: implementing my own button that is associated with the selected row actions. That extreme penalty is:

  1. Having to declare a separate variable to hold the DataModification object
  2. Having to create the PostBackButton, provide it the DM object.
  3. Style the button correctly, because normally all table actions are text-action-control styles.
  4. Add the button to the page myself
  5. Wait, it’s on the left side and actions should be on the right side. We don’t have the ability to place things on the right easily.

                fields: new[] { new EwfTableField( textAlignment: TextAlignment.Right ) },
                    ( new EwfTableItem(
                        new PostBackButton( pb, new TextActionControlStyle( “The button” ), usesSubmitBehavior: false )
                                ConfirmationWindowContentControl = “Are you sure?”.GetLiteralControl()
                            } ).ToSingleElementArray() ).ToFunctions() )


Attempting to be able to go back and see what happened is impossible. We don’t want N log items per this one action. It’s impossible to run a modification after the selected row actions have executed, so there’s no reasonable ability to add the messages to a list and add the whole list to a single log after the operation is complete.