Comment in generated code is no-longer accurate?

This is the comment on a property on one of my mode objects. I think it used to be correct but now I think it’s inaccurate.

/// <summary> /// Indicates whether or not the value for the FirstName has been set since object creation or the last call to Execute, whichever was latest. /// </summary> public bool FirstNameHasChanged { get { return firstNameColumnValue.Changed; } }

That part that isn’t accurate is “has been set.” I think we changed this behavior and now this only returns true if the value has not only been set, but is different than it was before.

Changed is only set if the old values does not .Equals() the new value.

It turns out I was getting confused about what this method does because it doesn’t work correctly for reference types. Such as byte arrays. Because it’s doing reference comparison, the same array of bytes does not equal another array with the same bytes.