Configuration folder can't be where it needs to be in Azure

I’m declaring it not-possible to move the Configuration folder where it needs to be when using Azure’s deployment tools to deploy an EWL application. The Configuration folder needs to be one level higher than the web application in order to be found.

Even using a startup task, it’s not possible. The startup task is able to run with the permissions required, but it’s not possible to find where the web application was deployed. The path of the startup task is not in a child directory of the web application.

It’s not possible to have the web application move the folder when the application_start event fires. The application pool user does not have write permission.

I ended up getting this working through a lot of trial an error. It seems that two things are variable: the drive letter of the drive the web application lands on, and one of the sub folder seems to be dependent on which azure role in the list the application is (if multiple roles get deployed per instance). The drive letter the startup executable is always the same as where the web application is deployed, so I search the file tree of the drive until I find the Configuration folder that needs to be moved.