EWF UI Spacing is just too smart

I just ran into an issue where I have a GetEditingControl method that used to return a FormItemBlock but now returns a Panel that contains a FormItemBlock and some other stuff. This was fine until I had to add another FormItemBlock in a specific page, with the result of GetEditingControl under it. The auto-spacing between FormItemBlocks failed - they were touching each other. To fix this, I have to create them out of order, assume that GetEditingControl returns a panel even though I shouldn’t have to care, and AddAt( 0, myControl ) to put mine before it inside the same parent. Now that they are in the same parent panel, the smartness works.

This reinforces a goal I put forth to allow us to have a simple boolean for whether or not to have spacing.

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You may not feel like this is a real solution, but try using Block (an EWF control) instead of Panel. The latter is a Web Forms control and will be unavailable when we move to vNext.

I don’t really know how this solves the problem. Also, it seems you can’t create a box without it having a border.