EWL moving to .NET 7 soon

All EWL projects currently target .NET 6, but I’m planning to change this to .NET 7 soon. I’ve reviewed the breaking changes at Breaking changes in .NET 7 | Microsoft Learn and don’t see any issues. One benefit will be getting back stack-trace line numbers in EWL code.

We also may begin generating the TargetFramework attribute (and maybe AssemblyName and RootNamespace too) in client-system projects to save you the effort of having to change these again and again in the future for .NET 8, 9, etc. That means you’ll want to remove these attributes from your .csproj files, although as always, you can retain whatever settings you want in order to override the defaults we generate.

@greg_smalter @samrueby

Is this the reason for line numbers being way off?

No, this wouldn’t affect like numbers within the system itself. This just restores line numbers in NuGet dependencies.

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