EWL Tests currently do not work due to input paths

This code, in TestStatics.cs, is not working effectively.

internal static readonly string InputTestFilesFolderPath =
			EwlStatics.CombinePaths( Path.GetDirectoryName( Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location ), "..", "..", "TestFiles" );

It is producing the following path when I try to run tests on my machine: C:\Users\Greg Smalter\AppData\Local\Temp\qm1z5m2n.knv\es4hbcyc.kw5\EnterpriseWebLibrary.Tests\assembly\dl3\2901e5bf\fcb89e73_c8ced001…\TestFiles, which does not exist.

It probably has something to do with running it from NUnit. A while back we added a param to ConfigurationStatics.Init to deal with a similar problem. @samrueby may know more.