How does an ExportLogic package differ from a Visual Studio publish?

Anyone know off the top of their head?

No, but one likely difference is that EWL logic packages do not include configuration files, which are put into separate packages. This approach allows us to use the same logic package for any kind of installation (live, testing, staging, etc.).

One big difference is that ExportLogic includes Ewf/Styles, and Publish packages do not, by default.

Here are all of the differences. What does ISU do to include these files? I want to accomplish it with VS Publish without getting into an arms race with JS files deep in the folder structure.

Export Logic has debug=false in web config.

Export Logic has, but VS Publish does not:
/FileUploader/js and images
/ThirdParty/js and txt and css

ExportLogic does, but shouldn’t, include /PublishProfiles and Web.Debug.config and Web.Release.config.

The Development Utility’s ExportLogic code is here: