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Thought you guys might be interested. And, I just noticed that dotTrace is free for .NET user groups. dotTrace has helped me optimize programs, like the time I learned that DateTime.Now is actually really expensive. I haven’t used dotMemory very much, but it probably would have been helpful that time Entity Framework threw OutOfMemoryExceptions.

We are thrilled to announce the release 
of [dotMemory 4.0][1], our smart and reliable .NET memory profiler.
At the same time, dotTrace Performance, henceforth known as simply dotTrace, is now on SALE.
 That’s right, our dotTrace .NET performance profiler can be yours for up to 58% OFF on commercial licenses and up to 33% OFF on personal licenses.
 Profiling has never been this affordable.
 For more pricing details please go to the [dotTrace website][2].
So, back to dotMemory 4.0: it introduces a unique memory analysis concept.
 We believe that complicated and deeply intellectual memory usage analysis can be a fascinating and everyday activity.
 With dotMemory you start from all objects in memory and narrow to smaller object sets until the memory issue is solved.
 Just let dotMemory’s powerful functionality and intuitive UI guide you through the journey.
The key features in dotMemory 
Powerful automatic inspections to instantly detect common types of memory 
Multiple views on data for a detailed analysis of memory usage issues.
 For example, you can group instances by dominating object sets or by similar retention paths.
 Other innovative views include the icicle chart to visualize the call tree.
Memory traffic analysis to detect what causes excessive garbage 
Comparing memory snapshots to visualize improvements 
or regressions in memory usage.
Support for various types of 
applications based on .NET framework 2.0 up to 4.5.1, including desktop applications, web applications and web services.
Timeline view to capture 
real-time data.

Other great features include:
Remote profiling to detect memory issues in running production 
Profiling API to invoke the profiler from exact code positions in your 

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