KDiff's auto-merge is wrong too often

I’ve had to fix several mistakes that KDiff caused because it “successfully merged”, but it didn’t, because it did it wrong. We should turn it off.

Actually, I might just switch back to DiffMerge entirely. KDiff suggests things to me that could never possibily work. DiffMerge gives me the ability to click on entire block and say “insert/replace/remove this”. KDiff forces me to copy/paste, which means I’ll get the tabbing/spacing incorrect, but DIffMerge preserves.

Nevermind for the last post: I forgot that the far-left is the base from which the next two are derived-from. There was a conflict in the middle of the highlighted line, but both of the versions being merged had the surrounding text.

What do you mean by this?

Do you mean we shouldn’t click “Tool Resolve”?

No there’s really no way to merge without clicking Tool Resolve. I mean that KDiff is trying itself to resolve the merge after HG has tried to resolve the merge. It’s possible to turn off KDiff trying to also resolve the merge. so that all of the conflicts have to be manually evaluated.