Laravel PHP framework compared to EWL

EWL might do well to take some guidance from Laravel, a very successful PHP framework that seems to have similar objects, and good adoption.

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I agree. They have:

  • A nicer web site
  • Much more extensive documentation
  • Easier setup
  • Learning videos

And it looks like they also have hosting and continuous integration/deployment products built on top of the framework. And these products are probably performing well enough for Taylor Otwell to go half-time with his day job.

I haven’t figured out how to get to that point. It requires escaping the catch-22 of “time/money is required to gain adoption” and “adoption is required to gain time/money for improvement”.

I do admire that Otwell seems to split his time 50/50 between the framework and a product that uses the framework. I think that type of split provides a serious advantage in framework development. If you spend 100% of your time on a framework (like many Microsoft employees do), it’s easy to lose touch with reality and build something that makes for great demos but just doesn’t work for real apps.

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