LinkedIn search/invite is kind of crappy

I was just sending several invites to people I met at the recent digitalNow conference. I noticed two major inconstencies. First, if I view someone’s profile and click Connect there, then it asks me how I know them and depending on my choice may force me to enter their email address to prove I’m not some stranger. And I can customize an invite message. If, however, I click Connect from the search results list, it just says “Invite Sent!” with no prompts whatsoever.

Also, when searching for people, there are some very intelligent results that show up as I type in a drop down below the search box. If I hit enter, though, the results are totally different (and much less useful) than the ones that were showing up as I type.

I’ve never used LinkedIn much, but in my limited experience, it doesn’t seem to be the most polished web app out there. I sigh a little bit every time I have to use it.