Most user-friendly, worry-free source control?

First of all, this is sad:

Weird that they still link it from their SourceGear page.

Second, obviously you guys mostly use Kiln w/ Mercurial. I’m not sold on it. I think it will increase the time it takes me to train new people compared to say, Vault. I’m not against DVCS, but I do value Visual Studio integration. The thing I mainly like about Kiln is that it’s hosted.

Any other suggestions for super user-friendly, hands-off-upgrades source control?

I guess another consideration is that Xcode, the only way to develop iOS apps, has native support for only SVN and Git (no Hg without a plugin). And, of course, almost all of the code I need to control is private/proprietary so it has to be secured even though it’s hosted by not-me.

Despite the fact that I really like Mercurial and have all of my stuff in it, it seems like Git has clobbered the version control market. There are plenty of private hosted options (GitHub private repos, BitBucket, Kiln) and I’m pretty sure Visual Studio has really nice integration with it. I think you definitely need to give Git a thorough look before even considering anything else.

I’d be sold on GIT if I could find a GUI that was at least as good as TortoiseHg. I have TortoiseGit and it’s really complicated. I don’t know what the rest of the world is using because I really doubt everyone has mastered the command line and can quickly visualize what’s going on, especially since the recommended workflow is to fork the repo, create a new branch per feature, make commits, push to your personal fork, create pull request for the master. SVN is way closer to Vault’s simplicity than this mess.

In fact I think the only thing that worries me about Kiln is the fact that I don’t know anyone else that uses it besides us. Is the world really so against paying for things they would rather sacrifice simplicity?

I think Visual Studio itself is the Git GUI that is “at least as good as TortoiseHg”. But like I said, I’ve never used it and I could be greatly overestimating its quality.

I did not know visual studio had a GIT interface. That’s surprising since it’s never had SVN and that was most popular in the past. I’ll be checking this out then.

Visual Studio Online + Visual Studio’s native Git is actually quite impressive. Had continuous integration building working in half an hour without ever installing anything on my dev machine or a server. Probably going to head down this road.

I’m glad to hear that; it should be a good choice. And if you ever want to use Kiln as a backend instead of VS Online, you should be able to since Kiln has supported Git for at least a year now. The advantage of that would be that you get a Mercurial interface to your code (for Hg people like me) with no tradeoffs besides the monthly fee for Kiln.