PaymentProcessingStatics.GetCreditCardCollectionJsFunctionCall is a great method that does a lot of hard work for you. But it seems to be inconsistent with how similar things work in that it doesn’t use a Provider. I noticed this inconsistency the first time I had to do two separate Stripe checkout operations in the same system. Why do I have to re-pass the api keys?

At the very least it should take an argument bundle that is re-usable that contains all four keys and probably the name of the company. Then you can just specify the name of the item you are purchasing and the behavior in each separate call.

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I never thought about making a provider for that, but it sounds like a good idea. The argument bundle sounds good too. I think that to decide between them, we should consider the likelihood of a multi-tenant system that would allow each tenant to use their own API key. I guess that’s pretty far-fetched.