Responsive navigation

Let’s say I’m motivated to make the horizontal tab navigation become responsive. @wgross, you already mentioned (not sure where) that you thought the best approach was to modify the existing EWF UI instead of creating a new one. Well, the existing UI uses a table for the horizontal tabs (not sure what the rationale was - I don’t think vertical centering is important there). It might be easy enough to change this, but it’s probably not a fun merge.

What are the consequences of getting rid of the table (why was it used to begin with) and can you re-affirm you think that shifting the UI everyone is standing on is preferable to making a new one?


It looks like we’re using a table for the horizontal tabs because they’re implemented with ControlLine, which uses a table under the hood for vertical-centering reasons even though that isn’t important here. The best strategy is probably to reimplement ControlLine since maybe we can use Flexbox or something now. And if we’re successful, all control lines will become more responsive, not just the horizontal tabs.

I do still believe that having a single EWF UI that can handle all screen sizes and devices is better than making separate ones.

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