Select2 flash of unstyled content

We should try to reduce the flash of unstyled content of select2 dropdowns.

Yes, I agree; it is very annoying. Are there any new alternatives to Select2 that we may not have seen yet, or is there a way for us to transition back to the browsers’ native drop-drops? Or do you think we should just stick with Select2 and figure out if we can get it to load faster?

I think Select2 is still the best. I don’t think we should move away from them- being able to type in them to filter is a great feature.

I don’t think we have to get them to load faster to fix this. I think the most jarring part about it is the stuff around it jumping around. If we added some styles to the default dropdowns, so that when Selec2 loads, all it basically does is…display its gray down arrow on the right, then that would be very subtle and a big improvement.