Should we support the Chocolatey kickstarter?

I’ve never used Chocolatey, but @samrueby has said good things about it in the past. They have a kickstarter going right now, and it’s questionable whether they’re going to hit the goal. Is it important for EWL to back this project? Is it important for the health of the Windows ecosystem? Are there other projects more worthy of our support?

That video on their kickstarter is pretty bad.

Apt-get and yum in the Linux world are wonderful things. Need a package? apt-get install whatever. Want to update everything? apt-get upgrade. It’s awesome.

I tried using Chocolately for a while. I think Scott Hanselman endorses it too. I ended up not using it anymore for some reason that I can’t remember. There was a problem with it. It may have been because Chocolately was too slow updating their packages, or a conflict.

I like the idea of it for the same reason I love Ninite. I can drop ninite on any computer, run it, and it instantly installs all of my typical programs, up-to-date (without any crappy toolbars they may include). When I want to update them later I run the same exact exe. I want Chocolately for the same reason and also support programs Ninite does not.