Some questions / notes about the EwfPage.AddStatusMessage pseudo popup

  1. The alert popup for EwfPage.AddStatusMessage(StatusMessageType.Info…, when it gets very long, scrolls off the screen with no way to see the “okay” button.
    • That’s probably a UI bug. I know the notification goes away after some amount of time (if javascript’s enabled), but still. It wouldn’t be too hard to make that scrollable, would it? Adding something like “div.ewfStatusMessageDialog div.ewfControlLine { height: 300px; overflow: scroll; }” to the css would work. (Or we could use em. :))
    • Is there a way to disable the popup entirely for items that are likely to be large? The notification (that doesn’t go away) on the top of the page itself would be a better fit in those cases.
  2. The notification at the top of the page - it seems to me it should fall underneath the breadcrumbs - it seems out of place sitting between the breadcrumb nav and top nav, rather than between the nav sections & the content sections.

It sounds like you are talking about Sam’s improved-status-message pull request, which I haven’t had a chance to review and merge yet. I’ve added a reminder for myself to read through this again when I get to that.

I’ve just made some major improvements to EWF’s status messages. Issue #1 is now resolved, because we use a regular EWF modal dialog if there are more than three messages. As for issue #2, the notifications now move to the very top of the browser window and are available regardless of your scroll position. If you want to take a look at it, let me know and I can give you a demo.