The .NET Foundation

I just wrote a short blog post about the newly-established .NET foundation, and I’m curious what you all think about it.

Seems accurate to me and I don’t think it’s unfair to .NET.

Yeah sounds good. I actually haven’t heard of Xamarin before.

I get their newsletter (xamarin’s) and always think to myself “Well that seems neat”…right up until i see that the macintosh build chain is still required to actually build & develop for ios. It’s an interesting combination, though.

Any cross-platform development i’ve seen has been way heavier in terms of time spent developing, and of time spent on non-productive details (build / deploy issues, large project overhead, learning curve for a 3rd system in addition to the 2 systems you’re developing for, etc) than the developers would’ve spent on building and maintaining two systems from one set of specs. For mobile especially, it seems foolhardy to try to develop multiple on-device applications, trying to use the same code.

My complaints, though, are pragmatic, not idealistic. I’d love it if there were non-ridiculous ways to develop core code once, and just overlay different UIs. That’s why I like web dev. :slight_smile:

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