Unexpected initial configuration problem with IIS

I just set up two new development machines. Both received 500.19 errors (not allowed to configure a section we were trying to configure), even after both had run Update-DependentLogic with elevated Visual Studio instances and had received the message “Configured IIS”.

To fix it, I had to run the same utility I run on servers I deploy to, which executes a subset of ISU code. I don’t understand why I had to run this. Is it possible that Powershell inside elevated VS still isn’t elevated, and the operation basically does nothing?

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The latest version of canonical EWL does not have the message you mentioned. It has these:

  • Configured IIS Express.
  • Configured full IIS.

If you didn’t see either of those, you’re using an old version. Maybe it unexpectedly made the configuration calls to the IIS Express DLL instead of the full IIS one.