Use different extension for EWL CSS files

Continuing the discussion from MVC with EWL data layer, with EWL system manager: prohibitively difficult:

What if we use a different file extension for EWL CSS files, e.g. .ewlcss? We could then have our CSS handler only operate on files with that extension. This would allow us to continue requiring the correct timestamp in the URL and doing other strict things, but would enable pre-existing MVC content to happily run within the project with its own CSS files.

What do you think, @samrueby and @greg_smalter?

Would the browser be requesting .ewlcss files or would that just their extension on disk? This would resolve the problem by making EWL-CSS-handling opt-in.

The browser would be requesting .ewlcss files.

We could limit CSS constant generation to this file type as well.

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I like this. At first I thought browsers would be confused by the incorrect extension, but they really shouldn’t. They should be depending on the correct content type still being returned as well as the style tags they’re being linked-from saying type=text/css.