Use Noda Time in EWL?

I’m thinking of adopting Noda Time into EWL. It appears to be a well-thought-out library that forces developers to think about important concepts (e.g. local time vs. UTC, daylight savings changes) rather than glazing over them in the rush to get something done. And Jon Skeet of Stack Overflow fame is the primary author.

If we adopt this, at some point I’d want to update our data layer so that it gives us Noda Time types instead of DateTime. I added the capability to do this type of remapping a few months ago.

Anybody have thoughts on this?

What’s a problem we have right now and what’s the solution Noda time offers?

Found this while considering the issue again today:

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After reading about it this sounds like a good idea.

Question - does any language have a good core Date Time API? Noda Time thinks .NET’s is lacking. JodaTime thought Java’s was lacking. Did Ruby/Python/something get it right?

Oh- I thought JodaTime was part of Java.

I think it actually is, now, but when JodaTime was created it was created because Java’s API was deficient.

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That blog post gives Noda Time more credibility, in my mind.

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